Love/Hate Relationship

I am having a Love/Hate Relationship with this dress.

The dress is from Old Navy.
(I am not a huge fan of Old Navy. All their clothes are so shapeless on me.)
But I saw this dress last winter and I loved the pattern, even though yellow is not the best color for me.
I also was 10lbs heavier when i bought the dress last winter.  So finally for the first time after many months in the closet, I put it on.
With no surprise, It was huge and shapeless..but that is what belts are for.
I am not really sure what I am going to do with the dress now. (I'm pretty sure I will gain the 10lbs happens every winter..the food is just too good to pass up.) So maybe I will give it another try next summer or maybe it will go to Salvation Army.

Yesterday as you all probably know... it was absolutely beautiful outside.
So the husband and I went on a little date to the Riverfront & Park.
It was one of those days, where you think to yourself, "Life is Beautiful."








dress: old navy
tights: marshall's
shoes: target
hair bow: dear beatrice etsy shop
belt: vintage

Lastly, GiveAway Time. 
I wasn't sure what to do this time & then it came to me.
I love Reading, so why not give a gift card to a bookstore.
So I am.
A giveaway for a $20 gift card to BORDERS. 
(if you do not have one near you, you can use it online. just a fyi.)


(just so everyone knows, this contest is not sponsored by, endorsed by, or affiliated with Borders.)

How to Enter to Win

1) You must be a follower of Sock Monkey & Gee to enter this contest, leave a comment letting me know you are a follower & how you follow (bloglovin' or google friend connect.) You also must leave your email address or your blog address so I can reach you if you win.

2) One more entry to anyone who blogs about this contest, and you must leave ANOTHER comment with a link to your blog telling me you blogged about it. 

Anyone can Enter
Open to USA and International readers.

The GiveAway will end on Sunday, September 19th, 2010 at 11:59pm Eastern Time. 



  1. I'm a follower via google friend connect. My URL is

    I don't know if I can write more but I love the yellow dress...and I just realized that the first entry never wins, I'm your first entry:(

  2. I love this dress and am shocked to learn it came from Old Navy! The belt is really the best solution to the dilemma, unless you have major sewing skills and can take it in. It is a great color/print on you!

    Thank you for the giveaway! I am a follower via google. I will blog about it and leave another comment tomorrow when I blog again. And I will be doing a giveaway on my site too so look for that! xo

  3. the dress looks beautiful on you!
    and that bow is super pretty <3

    im a follower via google.

    <3 dennica pearl
    - through the eyes of a pearl
    - vintage shop

  4. Oh I love the dress on you! The belt works wonders and makes it look like it fits perfectly. I adore the bow in your hair too! I think you look fantastic.

  5. I love this. I have to disagree with you because I think you look lovely in yellow. I love the blue tights and the bow:)

    I'm a follower through google:D My email is

  6. I also love reading! Amazon gets way too much of my money :) And I think that dress looks adorable on you! I follow through bloglovin'.


  7. That dress is too cute! I love the whole ensemble and the colors too! That bow just makes it perfect. And thank you for that lovely comment yesterday!! :)

  8. I've been following your blog since my friend Laura posted about you on her blog! I love seeing the different combos you come up with as well. I follow you through Google Reader. My email address is

  9. I follow via Google :)

    I love the dress by the way, but agree about shapeless Old Navy fittings, but this dress looks great on you and is definitely NOT shapeless!

  10. I follow with google friend connect

    Old Navy stuff fits me weird too - I keep buying it and hoping it will work out and it never does!

    proficiscamur {AT} gmail {DOT} com

  11. I think that dress looks lovely on you! And I love your bow :)

    I follow via google, and my email address is
    This is such a great giveaway!

  12. Your dress is so pretty - what are you on about?! Borders in the UK closed earlier this year (or maybe last year?!)

    I'm about to add you to Google Reader :D So that might be Google Connect - my email addy is hannah at rockangel dot co dot uk

    I'm going to blog too - will be back with a link :D

  13. I love the dress, belts can do wonders with dresses that are too looks great!

    I follow you on GFC! I'll have to blog about the contest later though when I actually post! :)

  14. omg i LOVE your dress! i think it looks great on you as is :) and i love love love your bow (of course!)! i am a follower of your blog thru google friend!

  15. I actually love the dress on you, too! I think the looser fit + the belt is very vintage. And I am a huge follower fan via google friend connect - awesome giveaway idea!

  16. I think the dress looks great belted. I follow you on Bloglovin'. I think a bookstore gift card is a great idea.

  17. I read this post and it made me chuckle b/c I have one dress from Old Navy - (which I am also not a fan of for the very same reason) that I love the print but it is huge and shapeless on me b/c I lost much of my baby weight. I still wear it though b/c I love the print that much. Too funny - are we related or something? Anyways, this dress looks amazing on you. You are gorgeous as are these photos. I love it paired w/ the navy tights and that bow - all so enchanting. That park is amazing.

    Great giveaway. Can't go wrong w/ Borders - Books, music, coffee all which I love - I follow via Google friend connect.

  18. You look absolutely GORGEOUS! I love yellow on you. It brings out your eyes so much!
    But i'm sad that you hate it :(

    about the giveaway? I'm a follower via google friend connect and bloglovin'!

    i'm a huge bookworm, and a sucker for murder and romance novels :D!


  19. That dress looks amazing with the navy tights. I love it.
    Also, I follow you on bloglovin' AND google friend connect. Boo yah. :D
    However I have no blog to talk about you in because whenever I start a blog, it inevitably dies.

  20. that dress looks so great on you!

  21. i'm a follower through google! :)

    and i love that dress. too cute!

  22. oh my i LOVE this outfit!!! your hair is divine up like that and the bow just finishes the whole thing off, love it!!! :) xo

  23. wow the place is amazing , the color of your dress is amazing , i think yellow looks good on you , i never really dare to pull off such bright colors

    plus i think u look good in it , just have it with u and till next summer if u really don't fancy it that much then only give it away

    and i love the bow head band :)

    honestly i think you look amazing

  24. I think it's nice! The pattern is interesting and the colour is unique. Keep it! :)

  25. Oh, so many things to tell about this post:
    - you look adorable, that yellow dress is lovely so you better keep it and put it on at least twice more! :)
    - Life ITS IS beautiful.
    - That bow is so cute!
    - Did I ever tell you that I love your blog? It cheers me up! :)
    - And lastly... a book giveaway? REALLY? Ok, now you clearly won this bookworm heart! :) Since I'm already a follower, I'll have to post about this giveway, so pleased to do it! But please give me a few days to do so since I can't do it right away! :)

  26. awww this dress is lovely on you! I like the yellow. The close up picture of you is gorgeous. I wish I had freckles like you! So cute.

    And I agree about old navy. I never really like their clothes because they always fit SO big even in the small sizes! grrr

  27. L-o-v-e this outfit! The dress looks gorgeous belted.

  28. Life certainly looks beautiful! I agree with you about Old Navy clothes, though I'd say that with the belt this dress has enough shape. Oh, and I love that you have little stills from 101 Dalmations on your blog!

  29. Ah I really love that dress on you, I think you should definitely keep it!!

    And a gift card to Borders ahh so exciting. If I won I think I would pick up a new baking/cook book or crafty book! Your too generous.

    (I don't think I need to even state that I follow lol!) <3

  30. Love these photos, there very atmospheric.
    You look lovely.

  31. oh my goodness! you look positively adorable. i love that dress and with the bow in your hair, perfect!

    have a good weekend, darling girl.

  32. oh what a dandy idea for a giveaway! I follow you through google friend connect. I should probably start using bloglovin more but I havent got around to it. Im sure you know my blog as I always get delightful comments from you

    as for the dress - i think it looks lovely on you and very summery.if you do decide to get rid of it though you could always offer it up as a giveaway here on your blog?

  33. This yellow dress is relly pretty. I like the florals on it. The belt gives a great shape.

    I am following you on blogger! This is a great giveaway. I LOVE books.

  34. Love your blog so great. Your dress is adorable!
    I'm a new follower. Check out my blog!

  35. I am very smitten with that dress. The yellow is just so pretty and you look lovely in it!

    I follow you now with the same username as my email. Thank you kindly for the entry! I practically live at Borders since it's pretty much the only "hoppin'" location in my town! :)

    theredcloak [at] gmail [dot] com

  36. Great giveaway, just discovered your blog and am now following you via google connect xx

  37. Of course I posted about it Gee!

  38. I love it! Other than normal Giveaways. :)
    I'm a real bookworm! Great idea..
    following you via google friend connect.
    Ps: Love your dress. Choise pattern. xx, Alice

  39. Cute idea for a giveaway! I follow you via google friend connect. My blog address is and my email is wingstofly87 at yahoo dot com.


  40. i think the dress looks nice on you! it definitely needs the belt, but i think most things look better belted, anyway (:
    and i'm following via google, i could definitely do with a book voucher, what with starting uni in a fortnight!

  41. You always look so beautiful!!!
    I just adore your taste in clothes!
    Yay! for Borders!!!
    I follow your lovely blog with friend connect.

  42. P.S. I blogged about this beautiful giveaway:

  43. I am a gfc follower!

  44. oh this dress is so lovely... esp with the bow

  45. This outfit couldnt get anymore lovely. You look great - I love yellow on you! And I have such a love for bows. <3 your blog. xx

  46. Cute blog! I own this dress as well and like you was unsure about it, so eventually went ahead and posted it on Ebay. I have the same experience as you with ON- things always fit oddly!


  47. love that yellow dress!!

    what a fab giveaway - count me in :)


    p.s - thanks for entering my giveaway (it seems like its the season for giveaways! haha!

  48. i have been a reader for a loooong time, although just through my favorites page. but now i'm officially a google follower!

  49. Great dress!!! I am already a follower!

  50. I LOVE that dress on you! The blue tights are a genius addition. I follow you via Bloglovin!

  51. no way! you are too cute! i love the dress...and yellow IS a great color on you!

    thanks for the sweet comment and follow!
    i must follow you, too!

    xxoo elanor