its been a long day.

no outfit post today..
i am wearing a dress today but no makeup and my hair looks like a bird's nest. 
so please come back on Thursday & i will look presentable.

i was tagged by two beautiful ladies with a tagging game/quiz.
so i will entertain you with those, or i will try too.

first one is from the beautiful Marisa of ShadesofMonet 
(i <3 her. i believe that we are related someway, somehow.)

10 things i heart. no particular order

1) my husband.
    Robert the Magnificent.
    the man is truly amazing to put up with my personality & shopping habits for the last 9 years.
i love you booby.

2)  My Family.
     i really have no idea how i was so lucky to be given two wonderful parents that love me more than
     i can imagine.  plus, i have an amazing brother who drives me around because i am to scared to drive.

3) My best friends.
    I am not going to lie. i have many acquaintances/friends, but not many "friend"friends. 
    i only have myself to blame.
    i am horrible at meeting new people & most people usually get the wrong impression of me. 
    so thank goodness for my 6 best friends, because they made the effort and made me become 
    friends with them & never left me behind.
    my high school bff's
(mess, bert, and roy)

college bff's
(mosstang, misty, and jennifer)

4)  Cleo, my best BEST friend.
     she is my pound puppy. i use to be so scared of dogs before her. i was so scared of dogs that i didn't 
     go near her for the 1st month of having her, 
     but she changed my heart quickly with her loving licks and sweet eyes.
     i know she will not be with us much longer. (she 15 years old) i have no idea what i will do 
     when that day comes. i love her more than anything in this world. she has changed my life for the 

5) Dresses.
    i LOVE dresses. 
    i love all styles, all colors, and all era's of dresses.
    right now at the moment i love 1950's dresses, peter pan collars, and floral dresses. 
    i want these two dresses. please.

6) Books/reading
    thanks to my father i am a huge book nerd. 
    my favorite thing to do is go to the bookstore and sit there for hours and scout out different books
    that i want to read. 
    just a FYI, my favorite book is The Giver, by Lois Lowery & 
    my favorite authors are Margaret Atwood & Jane Austen.

7) Mail/Packages.
    i love sending & getting mail. 
    it is the best thing in the world,to go to your mailbox 
and see that letter that you didn't know that you 
    were getting. 
i <3 all my Pen Pals so much. xoox.

8) Pie/Cobbler
    it might be the Southern girl in me, but i LOVE pie/cobbler.
    no matter what season it is i love eating it. 
    cherry, blueberry, pecan, & blackberry are my weakness. 

9) Dr. Who. & British Literature Romance Movies.
    again, i am a HUGE nerd. i can not help it. 
    there is nothing to explain except it is a guilty pleasure. 
    i will be getting this Etsy find in the near future. 


10) Art.
      Painting was my saving grace in college. 
      I had the hardest time passing classes due to being dyslexic,
      but Art was always the one thing i knew i could pass & excel in.
      I get lost in Art. 
i love the Museums, i love Art History lectures, & i love painting my own creations.


2nd quiz per the fabulous... Victoria from my favourite fashion

1) What is your favourite Fashion Magazine?

2) Who is your favourite Singer / Band?
my favorite singer is Nina Simone & my favorite band is Coldplay

3) Who is your favourite You Tube guru?
i do not watch youtube

4) What is your favourite Make-up product?
i am HORRIBLE at makeup. 
but i use Bare Essentials
so i guess that is my favorite..i have really sensitive skin, so everything breaks me out. boo.

5) Where would you like to live?
back home in Chattanooga, TN  
 Paris, France
(very different places..haha)

6) What in your favourite Film.
The Fountain

7) How many pairs of shoes do you own?
not to many. i am not a huge shoe person.
maybe 20-30
(that may seem like a lot, but i have a lot of shoes that i need to get rid that are from high school)

8) What is your favourite colour?
at the moment, YELLOW.


i hope i didn't bore you to death.
have a great rest of the week & 
i will be back in a few days.


  1. Not boring at all, thanks for sharing! And I'm so excited you love The Fountain, I've only met a handful of people who liked that movie and it is so beautiful!

  2. haha i don't think its dull at all , i love a lot of your answers

    u saved Chloe from the pound and gave her love and a home, i adores you for that

    i love to send and receive packages too especially letters but nowadays it does not happen anymore as everyone is so into e mails/ Facebook messages and SMS :(

  3. Neat! Its cool to get to know other bloggers. And I have to say I agree, Dr. Who rocks! :)

  4. Lovely answers Gee:) Oh and too funny - I just ordered that Miss Selfridge dress about 3 weeks ago. Cleo is a cutie pie!

  5. I feel like we are meant to be friends! This list has a bunch of things I love too :) Hope you have a great week pretty. x

  6. We have way too much in common! :-)

  7. love pride and prejudice! And I totally can relate to so many things on this list and in your questions. I love posts like these every once in a while!

  8. I loved your answers!
    Those two dresses..swoon!

    I've been a kick rereading Austen and Fitzgerald.

    I love to cook but have just discovered a love of baking especially since I finally learned how to make the perfect pie crust!!

  9. these picture are so precious! you seem to be totally content with who you are in life and that's so awesome : )
    i'm currently working on my list too and it's giving me a headache! so many things to add!

  10. that's a very lovely post,,


  11. Super sweet that your brother drives you around, that's adorable!

    THE GIVER! Wow, I read that sooo many years ago and loved it! I'm definitely going to have to get that and read it again. I now know what I will be buying if I win that giveaway! :)

  12. Cute list. :) Love the gingham dress from etsy!
    & I love sending & getting mail too! That demonstrate my last post! :)

    xx, Alice

  13. I guess the only thing I don't share with you is the love for the Pie/Cobbler, but that's just because I've never tried it, don't even know what it is! :) I am a huge nerd and proud of it, three cheers for British Literature Romance Movies! :)

  14. cute! i want to do this on my blog! it's such a cute and simple idea!!

  15. So fun to get to know you better!! I love the new blog layout!

  16. I love reading too :) I just came back from the library actually^^
    I haven't read Jane Austen yet, but I will! Everybody says that I should read it in english but that's too hard for me now.
    But I will definetely read a book of her one day !

    (sorry for this little revolutionish speech!)

  17. Ah I love pride and prejudice! Fun post, lovely blog :)

    <3 Alison

  18. aww bummer Ive already commented you back here but twice can't hurt no?? Anyways, I love mail, I love boys, I love dresses. I think we have lots in common!

    Thank you for your comments :) hehe. they make me a happy girl!

  19. Awww this post is super adorable and lovely. Thank you for sharing! Hope you like my jumpsuit post too :)

    -Gayle from

  20. Love all of these, especially getting packages! Mail not so much. It seems as I get older, then less fun mail is. Getting bills isn't my idea of a good time. Now, ripping open a package, that's a totally different thing!

  21. doctor who is my all-time favourite programme.

    Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

  22. i love your dress and our head piece :)


  23. I loved your top ten so much that it inspired me to make my own...all about fall! Love your blog!