how old are you?

i am 28 years old
(was born in the great year of 1983)

is gee your real name?

nope. it is megan.
my parents would sometimes call me meggie when i was born & my brother didn't like that name so he called me gee. 

are you married?

yes. on october 11th 2008 i married a wonderful man, Robert.

do you have any kids or pets?

no kids. no pets.
i do have a family dog (aka: the love of my life/best friend) named Cleo.
she was a pound puppy that we rescued.
she is 16 years old. i love her more than anything.

why is your blog named sock monkey and gee?

when i first wanted to start a blog, i was clueless what to name it.
one day sitting in my living room and i saw my favorite childhood doll (my sock monkey) and thought of my family nickname (gee) ...and BAM... there you go.
i always thought about changing the name but i have come to love it.

where are you located?

i live in west virginia at the moment for my husband's job. 
i'm from chattanooga, tennessee and went to college in columbus, ohio.

what do you do for a living?

i have a degree in art, but defiantly not using that degree right now.
i work from home..working with medical charts. 

what are your hobbies?

i love painting, throwing pottery on a wheel, thrifting, antiquing and reading. i try to read one book a week

why do you use quotes all the time?

 i honestly am a horrible writer. 
the quotes help me say what i want to say in my pictures.

what type of camera do you use?

i did use a very simple one till july 2011. it was a canon sd870
now i have a nikon d3100

what do you use to edit your photos?

i just use flickr. it is easy and pretty cheap.
i almost always use the setting cinemascope.
it is not for everyone.. but i enjoy the grainy/vintage feel of the photos.


some of my favorite things

doris day
nat king cole
anything classical
damien rice
the album leaf
judy collins
atonement and pride and prejudice soundtrack
pink floyd

the fountain
the mission
rear window
persuasion (2007 version)

anything by margaret atwood
anything by jane austen
the little prince by antoine de saint-exupery
the giver by lois lowery
orlando by virginia woolf
extremely loud and incredibly close by jonathan safran foer