vacation PART TWO

well i am finally back in West Virginia.
i am so over the last 10 days i have been in a car for more than 24hrs.
& somehow i am lil sick..i think i am the only person that can get sick after visiting the beach.

so i really didn't take a whole lot of pictures because...A. i am a horrible picture taker & B. i was really lazy & boring..i was basically a sloth the whole time.

but we did go to Seaside, FL and it's very beautiful there..& i spotted the cutest post office. i loooove post offices. i really dislike the dull & dark ones, but i love the unique & really old ones!

& then of course i took a picture of my outfit the last night we where there..

dress: charlotte russe
headband: forever21

off to lay around in my pj's & catch up on my DVR.


  1. i love that dress so much! mike hated it when he saw it in the store but i tried it on and it was so dreamy! and i LOVE that photo of the post office! i never took the time to notice how cute they can be!

    so lovely!

  2. That dress looks so lovely on you! :)

  3. You look so pretty in that dress! And I couldn't take that drive ugh. I get car sick after like an hour!

  4. Sorry you're sick, get well! That post office is so adorable! Laying in pj's sounds like something I want to do right now, especially since it's raining outside.

  5. What a great dress! It's so flattering on you and a perfect dress for a night on the beach.

  6. Oh I love the ethnic print of your dress! I am envious of the beach getaway. I don't think I'll get to an ocean this summer and it bums me out.

  7. That is the cutest post office ever. I wish they all looked like that. Our post office is UGLY and smells like decades of cigarette smoke in the walls and cardboard.