pale is the new tan.

i am very pale, some people have a pink skin tone or a yellowish skin tone. i wish i had pink but of course i have yellowish skin tone. that is why, way back in the day i use to tan like a manic to hide the yellow & then i got a pre-melanoma, (not good) so that was the end of that. so i have to embrace my paleness & the sun is not my friend.

yesterday was a very hot, rainy, and humid day. so i didn't do my hair and didn't put on makeup. it pointless when it's so hot out, i feel like its melting off my face & the truth is i have no idea how to use makeup except mascara, so most of the time i go makeup free.

so brace yourselves...

shirt: gap
skirt: tulle
shoes: gap


  1. AnonymousJune 12, 2010

    hello friend.
    how terrible to have pre-melanoma!!
    i used to be in the sun (if i could) 24/7.
    however i burn really easily, so after one particularly horrific burn, i stopped trying to get a tan.
    i now use sunscreen and coverups.
    i have embraced my paleness!
    p.s. you look too adorable for words!!
    i just adore the skirt.