i have an addiction.

"....all little girls should be told they're pretty, even if they aren't."
                                                             -marilyn monroe

i have an addiction. my addiction is to polka dots. if i see a piece of clothing with polka dots either i want to buy it or most of the time i do buy it. it's the girl in me. some girl's love pink, not me. polka dots all the way.

jacket: H&M
shirt: target
skirt: forever21
shoes: steve madden, Macys got super cheap last winter $14
& if you look closely you will see my beloved sock monkey.


  1. I have an obsession with polka dots too :)
    love the Monroe quote! x

  2. That's a nice obsession to have specially now with so much dotted stuff in stores.

  3. Hello missus! I would love to write. Looks like we have tons in common and I love your blog. Would you like to go first or shall I? Have a fab weekend. X

  4. I also LOVE polka dots! And that skirt looks perfect with that cardi, so cute.

  5. my thing is bows. i have to buy anything cute with bows on it. rings, necklaces, sweaters, dresses, shoes. it's a disease! (but a good one!)