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Greetings, readers! My name is Jo and I blog over at Lost In The Haze
While Gee visits somewhere pretty I thought I'd show off my darling rollerskates which are still relatively unworn! I am determined to practice rollerskating; though all of my trips seem to result with shrubbery collisions! Nonetheless, here I am in a Jessica Ogden playsuit, skating away!

To practice, I ventured to one of my favourite parks. I live in the so-called "Garden City"; Christchurch, in New Zealand. The roads are quite badly cracked as a result of the recent earthquakes, which made for some funny rollerskating adventures! Luckily, the humidity house (which is quite possibly one of my favourite buildings) survived unscathed, so we were able to take a photograph to share it's beauty with you!

I hope you have fun on your trip away, Gee. I truly can't wait to hear all about your adventures!


  1. i LOVE JO! and what a cutie in rollerskates! i cannot skate for my life :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. I love the playsuit and skates! How perfect!

  3. You look fab! I watched Whip It - a film about roller derby with Ellen Paige - on sunday night and it really made me want to dig out my old rollerskates anf have another go!

  4. wow you're adorable love the skates!

  5. cute outfit
    i can't skate

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  6. Aw, Jo is one of my favourite bloggers! I used to have rollerskates like that when I was a kid, I wish I still had them now ♥

  7. You look so cute, Jo! And I love your rollerskates!

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