guest blogger: the littlest polly

 Hi! My name is Polly Bland and I am a costume designer for films. 
You can find my blog over at The Littlest Polly
 A month or so ago, Miss Gee won Elsie and I's Red Velvet Art Giveaway and I was lucky enough to have Miss Gee ask me for a guest post while she is on vacation! I suppose I'll give you a glimpse of what my blog is about. 
I mostly blog about vintage finds, suitcases, bow ties, avocados, my breakfasts as well as costume designing.
 I also sell vintage clothing and my handmade bow ties at my etsy, The Littlest Polly
I am actually planning a large photo shoot as soon as school is out where my models and I are going to model the bow ties. I am planning a complete shop update with photos of the bow ties- and I am also making them into chokers! Head pieces with bows will also be available at that time. 
I am so excited! If you'd like to know a little bit more about me, just swing on over to my blog. 
Thank you so much to the lovely Gee! 
(Hope you're having a great time on vacation, dear!)

outfit details:
handmade bow courtesy of lola dee handmade
h&m vest with vintage pins from my mother and grandmother
blouse- thrifted
granny boots- ebay
suitcase- salvation army (2 dollars)
sunglasses- 50 cents at UofI costume sale
plaid blazer- .50 cents at church rummage sale

love, polly :)


  1. love all the pins and brooches on your vest! lovely blog Polly! ^,^

  2. Super cute & what a totally awesome job! Love these colorful sandal/shoes--hope I find a pair one day!

    much ♥

  3. youre so adorb, i love your glasses!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  4. You are so precious, as are those little colorful shoes, and I want to eat your breakfast!

  5. These pics have given me MAJOR tartan envy!! You look so sweet =) x

  6. What UofI are you referring too???? I LOVE that yellow bow. It is probably the cutest thing EVER! I love this post.

  7. Gorgeous pants! Love it, and I followed you.

    Visit me! Lots of love

  8. great pictures!!xx

    visit our blog at

  9. what???? polly, this outfit is just adorable...the hat suitcase is amazing with your wee bow. heading over to checkout your blog now

  10. Oh my god you are amazing.

  11. Adorable! I love your crochet bow tie!


  12. Great color filled post and outfit. Fun!

  13. oh Polly, you're such a doll! these pics are bright goodness in all the best ways. the upcoming bow tie fashion shoot sounds awesome, can't wait to see how you style it up!!

    i'm dying over that darling suitcase (2 bucks? wow!), the plaid on plaid is a killer combo. super guest post lades. ♥

  14. Those shoes.. I waaannnt them :)