la la lu

my favorite disney movie. 
have a beautiful sunday.


  1. That is a great movie! I hope you have a beautiful Sunday too! Your blog is always so nice! :)

  2. what movie is that? i cant view the video cos its block in my office server :(

  3. lady and the tramp... <3

  4. I love this movie too! I love mid century Disney animated films. The grab you have of the women walking their dogs who look like them from 101 Dalmatians is such a great stylistic moment.

  5. Oooouuuh.. wow wow wow! I love your new Design. So feminine. Oh and what a great Post!!!:) I love Disney films. I think they are ageless and it isn't babyish still watching them. I'm connecting plenty of beautiful chilhood memories with Disney films. Lady and the Tramp is one of my favourits. Such a cute song!!! :) xx, Alice from bells and whistles :)

  6. I loved this movie when I was younger!!!
    I must get this movie out of storage!!! (VHS))
    Thanks for this beautiful post!
    P.S. Your blog is so girly and fresh!!! I love it!!!!
    Hope you had an amazing weekend!!!
    Happy Monday!!!

  7. Are you trying to tell us something?


  8. now i can view it lol i love the song We are Siamese by the evil siamese cats lol

    i adores this movie

  9. I LOVE this movie. And what a sweet little lullaby