amazing sale.

happy labor day.

Modcloth is having an amazing SALE right now 70% off!!!

i just got two amazing dresses i wanted forever. for $44 TOTAL...!!!!
i love sales.

here's my two beauties.

Gingham Garden Dress

was $49.99 now $15.00

Message in a Bottle Dress

was $72.99 now $22.00

good luck.


  1. Ohhhh great finds! I will definitely be shopping ModCloth today :)

  2. ACK!!!
    Thank you for the heads up!!!
    I am going to pop over there right now!!
    P.S. I love your new blog makeover!!
    Very Beautiful!!!
    Happy Day!!

  3. Oh my goodness, just before I saw this post I purchased a dress for twenty dollars (originally seventy!) that I was drooling over months ago! Your purchases are so cute!

  4. Gah! They were sold out of these two when I went! Good finds! I got the HMS Pinafore I've been lusting after for ages.

  5. Wow, both of these are stunning! What great buys! Can't wait to see them on you :)

    Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it xo

  6. hmmmm i may have to go shopping. i owe soooo much money to my father though. uh oh.

  7. nicceee. i just checked it out & all the smalls were gone. :(

    your dresses are adorable!

  8. Ah yes! I got three dresses from that. Seriously was like HOLY CRAP. I saw it last night but I got to the sale before it was only 3 pages of stuff (at the moment!)

  9. Both such beautiful finds. I was drooling over that Message in a Bottle dress for awhile, but I never bought b/c I'm next to positive that the cut wouldn't work for me. I can't wait to see it on you though. It will look absolutely gorgeous I'm sure:)

  10. oh my im soo jealous! i wish i would have known about this sale yesterday i would have gotten some stuff! and i absolutely adore that second dress!!

  11. That's so awesome that you got those two dresses for less than the price of one!~ don'tcha just love sales? hehe, congrats. :D

  12. Oh my, cute dresses! And what a deal! Must check it now!