This Weekend (outfit 19&20)

i really dislike summer weather.
this weekend it was HOT and raining cats and dogs on and off.
it was so hot and humid i almost shaved my head because my hair was driving me crazy.
in these pictures i am looking like a hot mess, there is no way you can look cute in 100 degree weather.

but i actually got to go outside and take pictures with my hubby because he took a 3hr break from work. 
(the poor boy..has worked 17days straight, 12 hrs a day....we were actually suppose to be at the beach right this moment with my best friend but his work needed him...sorry Roy, have fun without me..!)


shirt: UO
skirt: forever21
shoes: steve madden
belt: kohls


my weapon ring from forever21

...and Sunday's outfit. only one because all the other ones looked horrible.
i miss you 70 degree weather.
i love this skirt, but i honestly feel like it makes you look bigger than you really are.

skirt: modcloth
shirt: UO
shoes: target

 my booby. xoxo


   & this picture sums up my feelings.


have a great day.

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  1. LOVE that polka dot skirt! So adorable. That ring is fabulous too.

    I like seeing how you styled the shirt differently with the two skirts. That yellow one really is fantastic!

  2. ugh! i know how you feel, it was too hot for living!!! however you look too cute for words, i adore your ring ((i think it was a weekend for rings, i picked up a beauty @ target for $6 *woo-hoo!*
    happy monday,

  3. Aw sorry to hear that you guys couldn't go away to the beach! I guess the silver lining would be that he's making more money, but that really does stink. I haven't gone to the beach yet this summer and I miss it a bunch! Hopefully you'll be able to get away some time soon and take a much needed break!

  4. I love how you styled that top, and both of those skirts are adorable!
    Sorry to hear about having to miss the beach :( I'm sure you'll get another chance to go :)
    Also, that last photo perfectly describes my feelings about this heat as well! It's ridiculous!

  5. I adore both skirts!!! I am so over the heat too!!! I keep thinking in 6 months we will be pleading for the heat again!

  6. Hahah I hate heat too. But you look super cute <3 and I loveee Steve Madden shoes!

  7. i love that polka-dot skirt. i agree with you on the summer heat, too. put me outside for a few minutes without a cool drink and i turn into a grouch!

  8. Both great outfits. Love them! I also love that ring. SO fabulous. I need more big rings myself.

  9. I love that ring! I have to stop by F21 soon, I haven't been there in forever. Your picture also sums up my feelings towards summer. Florida is a steambath right now, the only places I go are to my pool, the movies, the mall, or over a friend's house. A bunch of my friends just got sun poisoning from the beach. I have gotten a nice tan though :)


  10. ahh bow belts!!! i love outfit number 19! it's so sweet!

  11. Me + Summer = Not happy either! And nobody usually understands it, but I really don't feel comfortable with hot weather... Anyways, your polka dot skirt is so beautiful and you look so great despite the weather! :) And I do agree: "I am perfectly content with a good book & a hot cup of coffee" :)

  12. you're almost done!! You look so cute! My favorite is the yellow skirt outfit ^.^

  13. You are so cute and doing so amazingly well with this challenge! I am super impressed. I also am BUMMED that my car troubles made me miss out on the giveaway. I was without my laptop at my folks' house.

  14. We missed you this past week! I know Joshy was missing his man love with your hubby, and I really needed some female companionship, especially if it were from you!!!

    Your blog is too cute and I love you!!!!