long post.

first off.
go over to Roxy's blog Effortless Anthropologie she is having a AMAZING giveaway... $250 gift card to Anthropologie.
i think i would faint if i won that.

i had a wonderful weekend with my Mom in Louisville.
i love Louisville so much. i lived there the first 6years of my life and my parents met in medical school there. so we love going there often.

we had a wonderful time shopping, eating, and going to the Speed Art Museum.
(i am not going to lie. i did buy 2 cardigans at Martin and Osa. they are going out of business FOREVER and i scored two cashmere cardigans that were $140 each and only paid $30. you cant beat that. if you have one in your town..i would def go and see what you can get. they are even selling there tables for $60..i really wanted one. lol.)

now my 30 for 30 outfit pictures.


{first one}
skirt: forever21
shirt: gap
shoes: gap
necklace: forever21

{second one}
jeans: old navy
shirt: gap
shoes: steve madden
necklace: forever21
purse: marc jacobs

{third one}
pants: old navy
shirt: gap
shoes: seychelles
flower: Charlotte russe

& if you ever visit Louisville you must go to The Pie Kitchen.
i LOVE pie.

i had double crust apple pie with homemade vanilla ice cream and mom had coconut meringue pie.

and lastly.
the husband and i went and saw Inception last night and it was absolutely wonderful.
i believe there should be a law that all men have to wear 3 piece suits.
my crush on JGL & Tom Hardy is even bigger now after watching this movie.  

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  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2010

    Keep it up, you're half way there with the challenge!!! ^.^
    I saw Inception too over the weekend, it was so good and I too have a huge crush on JGL and Tom Hardy! ^.~

  2. I love number 12! That skirt is lovely!
    Oh, that pie looks so good!

    And hmm, I want to see Inception now I've been hearing all these good things about it on blogs :)


  3. You are doing so marvelously when it comes to this challenge! You make it look easy and I know it isn't. I love your necklace in the pie photo and you and your mom are adorable!

  4. What lovely outfits! That skirt in the first photo is just perfect! I want to see inception so badly. JGL is such a cutie, and I totally agree about your three piece suit law :)

  5. SOOO cute! Especially love the floral skirt and your #14 look!
    Glad you had a great time on your weekend trip!

  6. You are so adorable in those outfits! I just love how you rock the big flower.

    I had no idea JGL was in Inception. Totally a good reason to see it. ::swoon::

  7. Ah my FIANCE went to see Inception without me (cries). And all I keep hearing is amazing things about it. Guess he has to go see it again now hah!

    I also love all your outfits. You have such an adorable style, and your doing so well. I don;t think I'd be able to do that challenge haha!

  8. I love #14! And now I really want a piece of lemon meringue pie. :o)

  9. Great movie, and I agree about the 3 piece suit rule.

  10. I am ALL FOR that law!

  11. Love the floral skirt and the flower head pieces!

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