6 of 30

i wore jeans again. (forgive me. i am lazy.)

but i did wear my big cherry red tunic that i love, it def makes you feel better on one of your "feeling fat" days.

i wasn't going to do a post today, or even get out of my pj's because i watched America's Next Top Model marathon all day.

but i decided to do one because i realized i will be going to the beach in 2weeks and should do these 30 for 30 sooner than later...because i don't know if i will have time while laying on the beach for a week.


shirt: francesca's collection
jeans: old navy
shoes: report via piperlime
bracelet: forever21



  1. love the shirt - another Francesca's eh? Thanks for playing along with my black & white week!!

  2. nothing wrong with wearing jeans again. i've reworn my ae's twice already. and im only on day 4 haha. that red/orange color looks fab on you, love the top :)

  3. What a lovely tunic! Super cute :)

  4. Yay Francesca's! (: Your super cute and def. not fat! (:

  5. You do know that there is some awesome retail therapy at the beach, right? I would hate for you to watch me shop by myself. Just sayin'... :-)

  6. this is a super cute and super comfy outfit!