3 more days til vacation starts & 5 more til i will be lathering up my sunscreen in destin, fl. i am fully aware that some of the oil spill will probably already be in destin. but, life isn't going to stop. people are still working down there and i know they want our money. (& what i tell everyone... it is a whole heck of a lot better than staying in WV)

& here is a picture they took today, i got off the hotel website. they say the beaches are open and wonderful.

dress: tulle
headband: gap
shoes: gap

i made a hair appt to get my haircut on wednesday. i don't know if i want to trim it or cut it off!?!


  1. hello friend,
    sounds like you have a fun little vacation planned!
    goodness! another darling dress!
    ((actually i have a top that resembles this dress a lot! if this dress had a baby it would be the top i have!)) (0:
    and i just adore those shoes!! mustard yellow is quite possibly my favorite color!!
    ((i feel like all my comments are about how freaking adorable your outfits are. im sorry for this. perhaps when you stop posting cute outfits i will stop rambling about their cuteness!))
    anywho, have a wonderful weekend!
    oh! and i think you should cut it off! ((your hair!)) i did and it feels so good and so much lighter! plus now i can really show off my abundance of headbands better! ((just my two cents!))

  2. That's an amazing dress!! You look so lovely in it.

  3. your dress is SO CUTE! i am so in love with it!

  4. You are so cute! Have a great vacation! xo

  5. AnonymousJune 19, 2010

    you look so cute! I have that dress too but in blue ^.^