little shop of horrors.

well..i am home with my family in Chattanooga!
we drove monday and it took 8hrs instead of 6hrs to get here. damn traffic for 10 miles.
then tuesday morning had to wake up at 7am to go to the dentist to get a crown. boo.
it was NOT fun i was in the chair for 3 hours.
i do not mind the dentist, i get a cleaning every 6months, but when it comes to surgery's at the dentist, it ALWAYS reminds me of Steve Martin in Little Shop of Horrors. but i survived and now i feel like i was punched in the jaw, but it was worth it because i have been in so much pain for the last year.

{sorry its a gross picture..}

& after the dentist, the hubs&i hadn't eaten all day so we went to his favorite place in the world...

Zaxby's! he loooves it and they do not have in WV..i was only able to eat some Advil & a smoothie.

it was 98 degrees yesterday and i think i almost melted but i did take a quick picture in the neighborhood.

shirt: forever21
jeans: old navy
shoes: gap
purse: old navy

& lastly the best part being home with my family is seeing my sweetheart Cleo..

now i am off to workout and shop with my mom.
tomorrow we are driving to wonderful Florida!



  1. Have an awesome time in FL. I'm glad Chattanooga could ready you for the heat. :)

  2. That shirt is adorable! It's so pretty and feminine, love it. All of the pictures are so cute! xo