"home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to."
-john ed pearce

i miss chattanooga. i have lived there since 2nd grade & of course i wanted to leave as soon as
i graduated highschool. & i did. i went to college in Columbus, OH for 5 years & would not change a thing because i meet my husband and achieved a college degree. then i went back to Chattanooga because i was poor and over the college living and Booby (my husband) followed. We found jobs, he found a good job & got himself promoted and we had to move. we moved to Evansville, IN (very flat) and lived there for 2ish years and he got himself promoted again and now we are in West Virgina. we have been here since January and i think this place is testing me because, i sure do dislike it. (we basically in Ohio, WV is very pretty, we're in the ugly part.) But i have my Booby & a pretty easy life, so i will not complain. I am very grateful for all that i have. i just miss chattanooga and my wonderful family and my Cleo. but that's okay....

last two pictures was at my wedding, it was the perfect day.

"where thou art, that is home."
-emily dickenson

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