anthropologie + me = true love

i LOVE anthropologie.
i love love love it.
but alas, it does not love me back. it is so darn expensive.
but once in a blue moon i buy something,
other times i put my favorite must have clothes in my wishlist bucket hoping it will go on sale before my size runs out. & sometimes i get lucky and it makes my day a whole lot better.

the end. :)

dress: anthropologie
cardigan: ann taylor LOFT
belt: old navy

& lastly, i read this book called "Never Let Me Go" it was really good. now the movie is coming out and it looks even better. i can not wait. (plus, i will watch anything with Kiera Knightly in it)


  1. hello friend,
    thank you so much for blogging about this book/movie!!!
    i read this book for my english class senior year and i adored it.
    i am so excited about it being turned into a movie!!!
    ((and i too love kiera knightly)) ((do you by any chance know the release date??))
    i adore your dress!! i am guessing you got this darling wearable on sale??
    too cute!!
    have a sunshine filled day.
    ((yes Robert Downey Jr is a hunk, but come on, against jason statham?? no contest! jason wins!!)) (0:

  2. i swear to god, we are brain twins. i have 'never let me go' on my dresser and just started it last night. and anthropologie is one of my favorite stores too! haha, i always wear sweaters with dresses and thin belts like that too! SOOO WEIRD! great minds think alike ;)


  3. Ohh Anthropologie is so fabulous. I love love their house goods (my faovirte being my matroyshka measuring cup set!!), and once I bought a dress from there for $19, I felt so lucky!

  4. Cute! I have an obsession with Anthro and I will stalk an item until it goes on sale. I've even been know to call every store until I find it! Yes, I do have a problem.

  5. Oooo that looks so good!
    I now have to go buy the book... like today.

    p.s your dress is absolutely precious...